Over 63 years of service

JBN Telephone Company, Inc., an Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC), was incorporated under the laws of Kansas on March 30, 1955 as a telephone public utility. Prior to incorporating, founders J.C. Carson, Mary Jane Carson, and Robert C. Carson compiled many years of telephone experience in the ownership and operation of the Netawaka Mutual Telephone Company. By virtue of acquisitions and mergers, JBN now operates 15 telephone exchanges offering both telephone and high speed internet services. JBN introduced Fiber to the Home in 2012, providing the most advanced technology available and the opportunity for expanded service offerings. JBN became a wholly owned subsidiary of Lynch Corporation in 1993. With this new relationship came expanded access to networks and expertise in other Lynch Corporation companies, namely Haviland Telephone which serves 13 communities in the south central part of the state.

Seeing an opportunity to provide communication services to neighboring communities, Giant Communications was established by JBN as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) in 1997. What began as a resale telephone operation quickly expanded into a wide range of communication and entertainment services including local telephone, digital telephone, long distance, and cable television, and high speed broadband services. Combined, the two companies serve over 27 communities in northeast Kansas, and share a primary office in Holton, KS.

Continuing its tradition of providing communication solutions to its customers, Giant expanded its business offerings into the Wichita market in 2012 and into the Topeka market in 2016. We currently serve over 200 clients in these markets within a wide variety of business segments and diversified business needs.