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Dedicated, Reliable and Local

Whether your business operates locally or across the nation, you rely on staying connected with your vendors, partners and customers. From simple, off-the-shelf solutions to customized network architecture, configuration and management, Giant Communications offers a range of Internet and data networking solutions that work best for your business.

Broadband Solutions

Accelerate your online power with our flexible, high-speed Internet access solutions. Giant offers a range of both symmetrical and asymmetrical bandwidth options to keep your business up to speed. Bundle with phone service to save even more.


Ethernet is the language of networks. Ethernet is easily and quickly scalable. Unlike traditional telecommunications technologies such as T1, you don’t need to wait for physical facilities to your building to upgrade bandwidth. If you don't need the expandability of E-LAN, EPL service offers the same quality but more simply for two locations. Giant EPL service ensures that incoming data has been received successfully by analyzing bit patterns at special places in the frames. You can manage your own traffic, Quality of Service, VLANs, etc.


Ethernet Network to Network Interface provides an industry standard way to quickly and seamlessly connect enterprise networks with carrier Ethernet facilities, ensuring faster rollout and advanced visibility across virtualized network connections. Giant has established partnerships with strategic major carriers. Our experts will find the best solution to meet your business needs.


E-LAN brings multiple locations together into a single network. Unlike Internet VPN’s, E-LAN service keeps sensitive information in your private network instead of traversing the public internet where information could be routed across the country before making it to your location a city away. E-LANs remove the bandwidth overhead and latency a VPN uses by bringing locations together in a private network.

Managed Router

Giant Managed Router service takes over the responsibility of managing your network routers from provisioning to router configuration to installation, management and maintenance. We help you avoid network problems like delays, network slowdowns, unauthorized access, denial of access to authorized users, and configuration errors that are often traced to the router.

Firewall Services

Giant Firewall service is an ideal network security solution for single-site businesses or multi-location enterprises that need a professionally managed gateway security solution. Our Firewall Service prevents against unauthorized access to your network infrastructure, prohibits access to inappropriate web content, restricts downloads of infected files, and enables secure use of your network.